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To everyone who has sent in their rough drafts and summaries already, thank you so much! You are all superstars!

Unfortunately there are still a lot of drafts missing. I emailed everyone who may not have seen the posts on Livejournal and Tumblr. If I emailed you even though you already sent a draft, please accept my apologies for my poor organization skills!

To give the authors who may have missed the deadline for the rough drafts a chance to send them in, I am going to post the summaries for artists claiming until Sunday, 16 April.

I apologize for the delay! The post WILL GO UP on Sunday, so if you haven't sent me a draft, please do it now. Otherwise I will have to assume that you dropped out. :(

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Everyone, please stop worrying about the rough drafts!
You still have plenty of time to write and edit and do all kinds of work on your stories.
I am asking for these drafts for the following reasons:

a) I want to see who is still in. Some people lose interest along the way and that’s perfectly fine. Some people have forgotten that there even is a BigBang. I just use the opportunity to get in touch with the authors who haven’t submitted anything and see if they are still interested in proceeding with the BigBang. So if you don’t have 10k now, but are confident that you can finish and have an outline for your artist to work with, cool! Just send me the draft or the screenshot of the wordcount and let me know that you are working on it.

b) I want there to be something for the artists to work with. I know your idea is awesome and the summary you submitted for the artists is amazing, but then… oh, yeah, real life happened and then… you kind of never wrote this amazing story (even though you totally planned to do it!) and your artist has created art and there is no story. Too sad!

That’s all. The stories don’t have to be complete or almost complete, so please, please stop worrying! <3

I took some of the feedback from my last post on board and the rules have changed slightly.
If your story isn’t finished by the time the posting date you picked comes up, you can still go ahead and post the story as long as it is 10k or more.

I would rather see a few WIPs than abandoned stories and frustrated authors. I want to keep the fandom alive and not make the people in it miserable.

To help us all, I would like to present out very own Google Group.

I am still trying to figure out how it works exactly, but you are more than welcome to join and if the link doesn’t work for you, email me at hobbitbigbangmod@gmail.com and I will add you to the group. It’s a friendly place to chat, find motivation and exchange ideas.

With that said, the rough drafts are due TODAY! April, 09!

Thank you, everyone who has sent in their draft already! I will respond to all of your lovely emails asap.
For everyone else, please send your drafts in now: hobbitbigbangmod@gmail.com
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Hey everyone!
I am so sorry that I haven’t been around and missed the last check in post entirely. I started working for a new company and the new job is a step up from my previous position, so I have been… a little stressed, but I am also terribly frustrated with my story. I finished my first draft and celebrated by deleting it all, because I hated it so much. So, that’s where I’m at.

I received a lot of emails and PMs by people telling me that they are going to have to drop out of the BigBang because they cannot finish their stories. That is pretty much the opposite of what I want. I want more stories and happy writers instead of frustrated writers and abandoned fics!

As a result of these messages, I am thinking about adjusting the rules slightly, but I wanted to get some feedback from you guys first.
My idea is that the story doesn’t have to be complete. As long as it is over 10k and at least 10k are posted/ready to be posted on the due date you’re good to go. Would that work for everyone or is it unfair towards the authors who followed the rules and managed to finish their story?

[Poll #2065962]

Please bear in mind that the rough drafts are due on Sunday, April 09.
You can send them to me anytime at hobbitbigbangmod@gmail.com and PLEASE, don’t worry about them! I am not going to judge you for using a pink font or the spell check going wild. I am not even going to read anything at all. All I do is verify that the word count is somewhere around 10k.
If you don’t want to send me the draft as a document, because you worry that I am a liar and that I am going to judge, I am happy with a screenshot of your current word count.
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Hello, everyone!

It's time for another (non-mandatory) check in!

The author sign ups close on March 09, a month before the rough drafts are due. That should give everyone who still wants to join time to do so.

The artist sign ups remain open, so spread the word!

I'm back from my holiday and I'll catch up with everything and go through all the sign up posts to see if i missed anyone who signed up while i was gone.

And once again, a few questions, because i love the clicky buttons :D Unfortunately there is a 255 character limit for the text fields, so feel free to answer those questions in the comments!

I already read a few of the comments on the last check in post where everyone talked about their stories. I didn't have a chance to comment on them yet, but they all sound so exciting! Please use the comments here to talk more about your story!

[Poll #2063777]

And again, before I hand the word over to you, there is always the Beta and Cheerleader Post. Sign up or find a Beta Reader or Cheerleader to help you with your story!
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Hello everyone!
Welcome to the first (non-mandatory) check in post for Round 4.
First off, thank you all so much for joining the BigBang, for liking and reblogging the promo posts and for being lovely and friendly and awesome! It means so much to me!

The author sign-ups are still open and will remain open for at least another month, so if you are a latecomer, you can still sign up. And I think I’ve said it before, an author is never late nor is he early. I think you know the rest.
The artist sign-ups will remain open until the author’s drafts are due, so artists, you can think about signing up for a bit longer, but honestly, what is there to think about ;)

That said, I will be away on holiday in New Zealand (I KNOW!!!) pretty much all of February, so if you sign up in February and don’t get a “Thanks for signing up” note, don’t worry, I will get to it as soon as I’m back and as long as you can see your comment on the sign up post, assume that you are signed up. The same goes for emails. I probably won’t be able to reply to emails straightaway, but I’ll get it done when I’m back home.

Now, enough about me. I would love to use this post to hear from you. Of course, right now, this is mainly for the authors, but artists, check the comments as well, you might get a first glimpse of the story you are going to work with.

How are you all doing?
[Poll #2061301]
I am dying to hear what everyone is up to, so here are a few questions for you. Feel free to skip if you don’t want to give too much away.
[Poll #2061302]

Please use the comments to expand on your answers, discuss your work, ask questions. Really anything is cool.

Is there anything else you would like me to do? Anything you need from me? Weekly word sprints or word wars?
It is my first time running a BigBang all by myself and I really want all of us to succeed and if someone doesn’t finish their story because I didn’t post a picture of a unicorn with a motivational quote I really don’t know how I could live with myself. Okay… that’s a bit much… I should probably save the drama for my story. But you get my point.

And finally, before I hand the word over to you, there is always the Beta and Cheerleader Post. Sign up or find a Beta Reader or Cheerleader to help you with your story!
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Hey everyone, it’s me again, peaches.
I really hope that this round is going to be just as successful and just as much fun as the previous rounds. Of course it is going to be a bit more challenging every year, because there is no new material, but I think there is a lot of love for this fandom out there!

This is the chat post for anything you would like to say. Set your plotbunnies free here, post suggestions for podfics or let us know if you found a great resource for anything from screencaps to khuzdul.

Because I don't want to leave any man behind this year, I am also considering to add a weekly word crawl in the style of the Extreme Harry Potter Word Crawl. Let me know if you are interested in that!

And that's it, I think.

Have fun, everyone!
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Here you can offer your service as a Beta Reader or search for one.
You don't have to participate in the actual challenge as an author or artist to be a beta reader. Anyone is welcome to help out!



I decided to add Cheerleaders this round. A cheerleader can have as much or as little involvement in the story as you like. I have been a cheerleader for authors without ever reading their story until it was posted and I've also helped with a ton of research for another author. Basically a cheerleader is someone to keep you on track, keep you going and motivated.

(add or delete suggestions)
- Cheerleading with/without reading the story
- Bouncing ideas around
- Do Research
- Do word wars/sprints/etc with you

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Please help me promote this challenge!

Grab a Banner below and post, tweet, bleep, blog, smoke signal. If you decide to make your own banner let me know, I'm happy to add it here!


Author Sign Up | Artist Sign Up
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Author Sign Up | Artist Sign Up
Join us on Livejournal | Twitter | Tumblr

Thank you so much for getting the word out there!
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Hooray for more Hobbit Art!

This is the Artist Sign-Up form for Round 4 of the Hobbit BigBang on LiveJournal. Please fill out the questions below.

* E-Mail Addresses are required this round, however, the poll results are not screened and if you prefer not to post your email address here, please email me at hobbitbigbangmod@gmail.com with the LJ/Tumblr Name you used to sign up and an email address I can use to contact you.

YOUR TUMBLR USERNAME (if applicable):
YOUR EMAIL (required)*:


Thank you for signing up!

Please comment on this post, share the excitement and let everyone know you’re in!

What now? You could sign up as a Beta Reader or Cheerleader or grab a Banner and promote the community. Or you could head over to the chat and suggestions post.

Whatever you do, have fun!
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It's that time again! Let’s write more for The Hobbit.

This is the Author Sign-Up form for Round 4 of the Hobbit BigBang on LiveJournal. Please fill out the questions below.

* E-Mail Addresses are required this round, however, the poll results are not screened and if you prefer not to post your email address here, please email me at hobbitbigbangmod@gmail.com with the LJ/Tumblr Name you used to sign up and an email address I can use to contact you.

YOUR TUMBLR USERNAME (if applicable):
YOUR EMAIL (required)*:


Thank you for signing up!

Please comment on this post, share the excitement and let everyone know you’re in!

What now? You could sign up as a Beta Reader or Cheerleader or grab a Banner and promote the community. You could head over to the chat and suggestions post or, here’s a crazy thought, start writing straightaway. :D

Whatever you do, have fun!
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Hey, everyone! It’s time for another round of The Hobbit BigBang!

The community may have a new home and a new mod but I hope the spirit is the same as always!

Quickly read through the FAQ/Rules below, even if you participated in the Hobbit BigBang before and you’re good to go. As always, if there are any questions, worries or problems, let me know. I’m [livejournal.com profile] peaches or email me at hobbitbigbangmod@gmail.com.

Please make sure you either join the [livejournal.com profile] hobbitbigbang community or follow us on Twitter or on Tumblr to avoid missing any news and updates.

FAQ/Rules )

Author Sign Up | Artist Sign Up
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Title: Somewhere Only We Know
Author: bereniceofdale (acebard on tumblr)
Artist(s): diamond-skeleton and queenstardust
Fandom: The Hobbit
Type: Slash
Rating: General Audiences
Word Count: 10.6k
Art Type: Illustrations
Characters/Pairings: Bard the Bowman/Thranduil
Warnings/Spoilers: Past Character Death

“Thranduil’s hands fall clenched into fists by his sides, his fingernails digging into his palm. He doesn’t wake up, and a part of him is relieved; sometimes pain is the price to pay for a little bit of comfort, and comfort is what he finds in the lines of Bard’s face.”

When the eighteenth month since Bard's death comes, Thranduil wakes on a strange feeling. He follows a mysterious blue orb through the ill trees of his forest, where he is shown precious memories of his ephemeral time with Bard. But is it a trick of his mind, a dream, or reality?

Notes: Huge thanks to my friend and beta Iza for the editing! And of course to the amazing and talented artists who illustrated the story!

Link(s) to Story/Masterpost: On AO3
Link(s) to Art/Masterpost: Edit by myself, art by diamond-skeleton,
art by queenstardust
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Title: many paths, through shadow
Author(s): Ias (curmudgeony)
Artist(s): cutlerbeckettt, scheissedraws
Fandom(s): The Hobbit, Star Wars
Type (Gen, Het, Slash, Femmeslash): Slash
Rating: E
Word Count: 41,197
Art Type: Digital painting and graphic
Characters/Pairings: Bard/Thranduil
Warnings/Spoilers: Canon-typical violence.
SummarySent by the Jedi Council on an assignment to watery Esgaroth, Thranduil finds his feelings for his on-planet contact straying far from what is permitted by the Jedi Code.

Link(s) to Story/Masterpost AO3
Link(s) to Art/Masterpost art by cutlerbeckettt here, art by sheissedraws here :)


Jun. 7th, 2016 07:26 pm
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Hello everyone!

Thank you all for joining the new community. I can't express how grateful I am that so many of you decided to give me and this community a chance! Thank you!

Posting for this round is technically closed and the stories I've read so far are all fantastic and the artwork is amazing. I am almost looking forward to going to work every day, because I read the stories on the train.

Seriously amazing work, so well done, everyone! Your enthusiasm and creativity is mind-blowing!

And did I just say posting is "technically" closed? Yes, I did. I noticed that there are still stories missing (including my own) so I've decided to leave posting open for everyone who didn't know we were here, had real life getting in the way of fandom life, had a disappearing artist or writer, or couldn't post for whatever reason. Next round I am going to crack the whip harder - and I'll also be more strict around here ;)

So, if you haven't posted your story/artwork yet and would like to, you are welcome to do so until the end of June.

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Title: The Fine Print
Author(s): airebellah
Artist(s): penumbria and mithrilbikini
Fandom(s): The Hobbit
Type: M/M
Rating: T
Word Count: 6395
Art Type: cover art and digital art
Characters/Pairings: Thorin/Bilbo, mentions of Kíli/Tauriel
Warnings/Spoilers: None
Summary: It had been many years since Bilbo had seen his Dwarves. Driven by his loneliness and nostalgia, one night he decided to re-read the contract he had signed so many years ago, hoping to find catharsis. Instead, what he found was burning rage at all the ridiculous clauses the Dwarves had slipped in without his notice.
In the end, Bilbo knew there was only one thing to do.
He would travel to Erebor, and have very specific words with the King.
AN: A bit delayed, apologies! But alas, all five chapters are on AO3.

Link(s) to Story/Masterpost: here on ao3
Link(s) to Art/Masterpost: included in fic; penumbria's is also here and mithrilbikini's here
starr_falling: Bilbo/Thorin hug text= And So It Begins (And so it begins)
[personal profile] starr_falling
Title: to seek a newer world
Author: [livejournal.com profile] starr_falling
Artists: [livejournal.com profile] penumbria_fics, [tumblr.com profile] scheissedraws
Fandom: The Hobbit
Type: slash, background het
Rating: PG - R
Word Count/Art type: 7,445, digital and drawn art
Characters/Pairings: Bilbo/Thorin, background Fíli/Ori, Kíli/Tauriel, Lobelia
Warnings/Spoilers: none
Summary: After the Battle of the Five Armies, Thorin was worried the gold sickness would return, so he abdicated and followed Bilbo home. It was the best decision he ever made.

A series of short stories about Bilbo and Thorin's life in the Shire. Contains Thorin being confused by hobbits, cabbage patch babies, Bilbo and Lobelia being frenemies, hobbits being confused by Thorin, sleepy morning sex, Thorin getting lost, and plenty of good food.
AN: Title from from Ulysses by Alfred Tennyson.

Links to Story Master Post: DW | AO3
Links to Art Master Posts: Art by penumbria | Art by scheissedraws
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Title: Heart of the Library
Author(s): katajainen (that's me at AO3)
Artist(s): ------
Fandom(s):The Hobbit
Type (Gen, Het, Slash, Femmeslash): Slash (threesome, yay)
Rating: Explicit
Word Count: 17,573
Art Type: None
Characters/Pairings: Fíli/Kíli/Ori
Warnings/Spoilers: Um... Durincest, threesome smut... in case it's not obvious.


Erebor is under siege. While the future is uncertain and the outcome of the coming battle anyone's guess, what Ori thought was only a bit of fun shared on the road takes a turn towards something completely different. Of course, nothing is ever simple when the young heirs of Durin are involved.

And then there's the library of a lost kingdom, which becomes a place of discovery and refuge in more ways than one.

In short: three young idiots in love. I've been told there's fluff. I know there's pining. And smut. Some.


If I were to call this self-indulgent OT3 fluff, I'd be lying. It came out completely different than I thought it would, so I don't even know what to call it anymore.

This was my first fanwork of any proper length, and a monster to wrangle, and I couldn't have done it without saraste. For good or ill, she's a better beta than I deserve.

Link(s) to Story/Masterpost: AO3
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Title: Tea and Sympathy
Author(s): [livejournal.com profile] saraste_impi / saraste
Artist(s): NA
Fandom(s): The Hobbit
Type (Gen, Het, Slash, Femmeslash): Gen, Slash, Het, Kid fic, Mpreg, Botfa Fix-It (everyone lives)
Rating: T
Word Count:10724/?
Art Type:NA
Characters/Pairings:Thorin/Bilbo, Fíli/Ori, Kíli/Tauriel, background!nwalin, Dís + the Company
Warnings/Spoilers:Botfa spoilers as it's a Botfa fix-it
SummaryWhen Bilbo Baggins meets Thorin Oakenshield in Bag End one late-Spring evening, he doesn't know that he's getting himself into. Neither does Thorin. Either of them realize what an impact their marriage will have for Thorin's family, either. Or that Bilbo can give Thorin a family of his own.
Notes: This story was beta'd by the lovely [livejournal.com profile] katajatar, to whom I owe much. It's also still a WIP, as I couldn't whip the 20K+ I have of the story into shape before this deadline.

Link(s) to Story/MasterpostFIC at AO3
Link(s) to Art/MasterpostNA
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Title: A Hunger to Swallow the World
Author(s): serenbach
Artist(s): kurosmind, mithrilbikini
Fandom(s): The Hobbit, Skyrim
Type (Gen, Het, Slash, Femmeslash): slash, het
Rating: M
Word Count: 31842
Characters/Pairings: Bilbo Baggins/Thorin Oakenshield, minor Dwalin/Ori, Kili/Tauriel, Dis/Dori
Warnings/Spoilers: canon typical violence
Summary Long ago, when the first Dark Lord shaped the first dragons, the Valar did not leave the peoples of Middle-Earth defenseless against them. They reached out to certain heroes and formed them into heroes capable of killing dragons and making sure they stay dead. These heroes were known as Dragonborn.

Now in the Third Age, when in the wake of Smaug's death it's revealed that the ancient dragons of Morgoth are somehow being revived, a Dragonborn is needed once more. But instead of the Valar choosing one hero, they instead split the Dragonborn's soul between two unlikely candidates - Bilbo Baggins and Thorin Oakenshield.

They have to discover who is behind the resurrection of the dragons before the most feared dragon in Middle Earth, Ancalagon the Black is revived, and learn to master their new powers. However, with the Arkenstone lost in the horde, and the siege of Erebor broken by the elves having to withdraw and protect their lands from the orcs streaming to Dol Guldur, Thorin is still struggling with goldsickness.

He is only snapped out of it when a second dragon attacks Erebor...

Link(s) to Story/Masterpost here
Link(s) to Art/Masterpost kurosmind, mithrilbikini
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Title:  Amidst the Winds of Winter
Author(s): paranoidfridge
Artist(s): catofcream, teaxdragon, hobbitystmarymorstan, rutobuka
Fandom(s): the Hobbit
Type (Gen, Het, Slash, Femmeslash): Slash
Rating: PG-13
Word Count: 46,432
Characters/Pairings: Bilbo/Thorin. Also featuring Frodo, quite a number of Hobbits, and some familiar dwarves.
Warnings/Spoilers: Canon-typical violence. Canonical death (Primula and Drogo). A good helping of angst. Mutual Pining. And an eventual happy ending.
Summary: After the battle Bilbo returns to the Shire. Letters are exchanged, life goes on, and despite pining for each other, Thorin and Bilbo settle in their respective places.

Until one year Bilbo wakes on his birthday to find snow covering the ground and a second Fell Winter dawning upon the Shire.

A missive from the Blue Mountains reveals the predicament of the Shire to Erebor. And Thorin decides that despite the distance Erebor will help. He leads an army toward the Shire, while Bilbo struggles to protect his fellow hobbits, himself, and his young cousin Frodo from encroaching wolves and orcs so they may all survive this winter.

Notes: A big, big thank you to @seaweedredandbrown for betaing the monster, to hobbitystmarymorstan and rutobuka for further help and handholding.

Link(s) to Masterpost: Here on tumblr

Also, I've been spoiled by art this year. Link(s) to Art:
By the utterly amazing catofcream:

And two beautiful pieces by the magical rutobuka


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